For over 70 years, our family enterprise has furnished complex services, products and other value-add to consumer-facing and business-to-business brands and governments, domestic and abroad, as well as services direct-to-consumers.

Illustrative, multi-cultural, consumer engagement services have been provided through sponsored events, loyalty programs, content production (including healthcare and other education, feature and other filmed entertainment, electronic games and commercials) and broadcast TV, as well as through development, sales and rental of 230+ acres of residential real estate.

Illustrative, multi-disciplined, services to industry and governments have been provided through procurement, import/export and merchandising of agricultural commodities and contract manufacturing and servicing of specialty products for performance in healthcare, electric power generation and distribution, no-fault industrial process environments and the defense industry.

In addition to our Praecizyn Health initiative, below are illustrative organizations, projects, collaborations and initiatives with which we have been associated.