Illustrative, internally-sponsored, special purpose vehicles we have utilized include:

  • Praecizyn Health [advanced managed service vehicle for the delivery of healthcare analytics, clinical and IT Services-as-a-Service]
  • Derrick Commodities [a full-service dealer in coffee and other tropical agricultural products with origins in Latin America and East Africa; clients included Folgers (strategic relationship with Procter & Gamble), Maxwell House (Kraft/General Foods), Sara Lee (Superior Coffee); internally-developed software platform managing purchasing, export, transport, import clearance, store/forward, merchandising and sales, hedging, finance]
  • Rural Power Systems [collaboration among the National Electric Power Authority of Nigeria (now known as Power Holding Company of Nigeria), Yinka Folawiyo & Sons, International Agents & Consultants and McGraw Edison Power Systems for electric power distribution equipment – stocking; manufacturing; supply]
  • Derrick Realty Group; Leisure Industries; Bogart Land; etc. [real estate in Erie County, Ohio – land acquisition; land improvement; construction; sales (single-family and condominium); rental (market rate and subsidized); utilizing internally-developed software platform]
  • International Agents & Consultants [Middle East, Africa and other emerging markets entry, growth and investment strategies for infrastructure, general engineering, consumer products and services, agricultural supplies, electric power distribution, local manufacturing and local export industries serving clients such as Koppers, Westinghouse, Koor Industries, US Steel, McGraw Edison Power Systems]
  • Business Planning Associates [corporate services including licensing, internal software development, accounting, finance and legal]
  • Jarecki-Derrick Consolidated Industries [contract manufacturing with Jarecki Industries of high performance valves for applications in no-fault environments of the U.S. naval nuclear program, Westinghouse Nuclear and General Dynamics and process industries serving clients such as International Paper, Allied Chemicals and Exxon]