We are a provider of health information analytics and decision science solutions.

We are a pioneer and a leader in the analysis and operationalization of pattern-of-life data to improve medical decision-making and patient decision-making.  We enable medical decision-making founded on extended social, family and medical histories to be further extended to patient health decision-making during the patient’s everyday pattern-of-life.  

Our approach, functioning at pattern-of-life scale and speed, applies pattern-of-life data to medical decision-making, by augmenting patient-reported measures and outcomes to amplify and enhance evidence of the patient’s health risk and compliance with the directives of the patient’s individualized care plan within standard of care practices. 

Pattern-of-life health decision-making addresses the root-causes of premature death, by altering modifiable social determinants of health and by integrating collaborative, multi-disciplined, problem solving while managing the impact of siloed and protected expertise.

Pattern-of-life health decision-making is the keystone for value-based care models, reducing costs and increasing revenues.  Such decision-making also enhances fee-for-service, risk-based, managed service and other care models.