Amuseneering, based in Chicago, Illinois, is a pioneer and a leader in innovations and solutions for pattern-of-life health decision-making by consumers and patients, as well as by clinicians, provider organizations and health plans. 

Driven by a passion to help people and patients, the company operates through its Praecizyn Health division in collaboration with patient communities, clinicians, technologists, strategic vendors and researchers to address unmet healthcare needs, working to improve patient outcomes and enhance lives.  For more information, visit PraecizynHealth.com.

We are committed to bringing forth transformational technologies and therapies that elevate prevention, diagnosis and care.  Actionable discovery and excellence are our guiding beacons.  We are deeply invested in developing quality solutions that inspire trust because it’s personal — for us, for consumers and patients and for clinicians.

Amuseneering llc originally operated from Ohio as W.A. Derrick & Co., Ltd. Its name was changed to reflect the blending of information technology and advanced consumer engagement.

Core Competencies

Building on our Ohio base, we established and continue to maintain core competencies that include: inventorship and innovation; complex consumer engagement; cultural competency; complex stakeholder assembly and management; complex community assembly and management; complex service delivery structures; standard of care and other standard practices; patent-pending technologies; training and documentation.


While our business has transformed over the years, our foundation has remained consistent.  Our company is rooted in truths and constants that define who we are today and in the future.

  • Focus on people in need.  Amuseneering is driven by a passion to help people live longer, healthier and more productive lives.  We provide innovative technologies and solutions that address significant unmet clinical needs arising from family and social histories and behaviors.  Helping people before and after they become patients is our life’s work and life is now.
  • Innovation.  Amuseneering innovates with purpose.  We are focused on transformative solutions and will invest in ideas that have the power for big change.  To do so, we take risks, we think outside the norm and we make no small plans.  When we look for one thing, but discover another, we grab that surprise and try to do something valuable with what we’ve learned.