Amuseneering provides adherence and compliance services that manage treatment therapies for chronic illnesses.

Leveraging the social determinants of health, we manage reimbursable solutions that support medically-supervised personal care plans.

Our services to healthcare providers and managed care plans feature:

  • Sustained patient outreach and engagement
  • Culturally-competent content
  • Social media community management
  • Mobile communication, telehealth and other remote healthcare delivery
  • Performance-based incentives and rewards
  • Prevention promotion
  • Health and wellness education

We support healthcare providers and managed care plans in:

  • The delivery of community-based managed care
  • The development and management of innovative treatment therapies
  • The optimized utilization of patient-centered medical homes
  • The implementation of “meaningful use”

We have certified competency with the leading health information technology platforms and electronic medical records systems.  Our technology supports:

  • Advanced analytics and predictive modeling of the social determinants of health, consumer behavior, population and other patient-centric data, as well as claims and prescription data
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Big Data management
  • SaaS delivery

From our headquarters in Chicago, our certified female- and minority-owned business participates with providers nationally and internationally .

Our new website is in development.  During this transition, please call us at +1.312.981.1515 for additional information.  Thank you for your patience.