We operate in a holistic man-machine ecosystem.  It is comprised of decision scientists integrated with our Services-as-a-Service platform.


Decision Scientists


Our decision scientists are developed internally and through partnering and other collaborations with healthcare providers, educators and researchers.  The methods and system of our Services-as-a-Service platform embrace our decision scientists and are made available for application to patients through healthcare providers,  healthcare organizations and special purpose managed services vehicles.

Our decision scientists include subject matter experts, business analysts, data scientists, data stewards and data engineers.

Subject matter experts bring multi-disciplined expertise in healthcare delivery, healthcare administration, socioeconomic and psychosocial status and behaviors, community-based participatory research, consumer engagement, compelling and culturally-competent content development and other expertise integral to the harmonization of patterns-of-life.  Such expertise delivers value in the design of remote, patient-centric encounter and engagement environments.


Business Analysts


Business analysts deliver value by tracking pattern-of-life data, using it to answer questions and communicating the results to help make healthcare decisions by patients, healthcare professionals and healthcare organizations.


Data Scientists


Data scientists bring expertise in statistics and the processes of building analytics and artificial intelligence models to make predictions and answer key healthcare and business questions.


Data Stewards


Data stewards bring integration and governance to the data.


Data Engineers


Data engineers build and optimize the systems to allow data scientists and analysists to perform their work.  The data engineer ensures that any data is properly received, transformed, stored and made accessible to other users.